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Yoshitaka Omi Tens of thousands of Unicorn Yoga Independence Day America crowded are wearing masks. exactly, North Korea is stating no patients, are infected by coronavirus have been since the end of Jan. uhhhh, it’s really strange. however, no social distancing is all right between chanting people? Kim jong-un without a mask is all right ln in front of them? it’s ok. Derrick Gordon He’s looking for attention. Covid 19 took the spotlight off him, so he fires a missile and hides for 3 weeks. He got what he wanted. Lots of publicity. He should have used the time to diet and exercise. Lynette Heiming Still thinks it’s suss  Considering how verbal he is any other time you think he would this time be scoffing at people that thought he was dead.

Unicorn Yoga Independence Day America-shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

Unicorn Yoga Independence Day America shirt
Unicorn Yoga Independence Day America shirt
Unicorn Yoga Independence Day America shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Jonathan Harris-Moss Twisted as it may sound, but the last thing the people of the DPRK need is a Unicorn Yoga Independence Day America power vacuum and subsequent political struggle created by the loss of the current dictator. This is a system that’s most, unlike anything we know in the West…George Nyasimi This is a very small boy. The minute you stroke his ego, things can go seriously wrong. The age of holding instruments of power should be 50yrs and above. Leadership is not for boys. Power can be for anybody but leadership is a serious business. Alberto De Gracia Jamisolamin Facial recognition experts are now scanning and sorting those citizens who openly displayed their happiness at KJU’s supposed demise. They will be segregated and injected with the Wuhan virus. Gerard Howes Two things here. Firstly nobody cared or noticed he was ‘missing’. The media felt the need to inform us of this speculation.


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