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Michelle Smith, tells the world what most Americans have known all along: he’s a complete git that’s unqualified to be the President of the United States. Rebecca Coury Something we already know over here. The man pretending to play president is a buffoon who not only is destroying our country but is seriously putting lives in danger now. Now he did say that but it is united we stand divided we kneel shirt out of context. If you watched the whole briefing he already responded to have hope that these meds will work. They might and might not. And what do you say to those Americans? So the reporter baited him. But good for BBC for being biased yet again.

United we stand divided we kneel shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee and tank top

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Jonathan Jarman What does it tell us hmm…. easy tango doesn’t give a flying f—- about Americans, it tells us their health care won’t cope because they don’t have a national system like most Morden nations. Sally Craft Brucker This catastrophe tells us that everything Donald Trump Touches dies. From bankrupt Trump businesses to a dying global economy… Then imagine losing that job and needing to see a doctor for medical treatment and you have to decide between life and bankruptcy. Marco Picardo Shame on you BBC News! Adding further to the united we stand divided we kneel shirt divide and polarization by peddling this hyperbolic leftist rhetoric. How about talking about the royal blunder of Boris and the rest of your country’s handling of the virus? Oh, wait, anything to undermine Trump right?. It tells us that Ms. Pelosi & Mr. Schumer are power-hungry and not concerned with this virus


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