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The Velvet Kush sexy girl smoking weed shirt damage remains, but the lungs will cleanse themselves in time after smoking cessation. Never smoked but Ive asthma and emphysema, scan shows also got asbestos in my lungs, and let’s add the cough of ten years. So what caused that if smoking didn’t. It is indeed “magical”, but in the sense that we are wonderfully made. Our bodies, and the whole universe, really, are magnificent creations, impossibly complex. The product of a brilliant mind, not an accident or millions of them. My great grandfather quit smoking in his late 30s early 40s. When he was 91 he became severely ill, was diagnosed with lung cancer, and died within 5 weeks. You could smoke all your life and never be greatly affected. You could smoke just throughout your teens and still end up with cancer. It’s luck of the draw I’m afraid. My granny stopped smoking at 52, and died a year later, she got hit by the no 17 bus while counting all the money she saved from quitting. Another study. Repair damage to the lungs, fine. Repair damage to the heart, fine. Damage to everything and everybody because of the stress: massive. I’ve never had so many health problems since I stopped smoking (I stopped because it was too expensive).

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Best Velvet Kush sexy girl smoking weed shirt

All due to Velvet Kush sexy girl smoking weed shirt unbridled stress which I used to manage easily with a cigarette. While researchers claim this, evidence shows that persons who have stopped smoking still develop COPD and emphysema even years after they have stopped smoking. And COPD and emphysema are equally disabling. I quit a few years ago. And my breathing is much better.

My doctor says my lungs are healthy now (I get a low-dose x-ray every year to be sure) nothing would make me start again. I stopped last February having been diagnosed with throat and tongue cancer for me it was easy to stop or die. I’ve had chemotherapy and radiotherapy it seems to have got rid of cancer. All this time my wife daughter and stepdaughter still carried on smoking. Please people stop.


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