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An unbelievable achievement by beer to Very high Koala-tee vintage shirt save koala injured great fire Australian jungle fire. This is not a dog, it is a rescue operator, thanks and salute to the owners of a dog who was so nicely trained by for the purpose. Thanks BBC for sharing so informative and inspiring video.Congrats to Bear! You are quite intelligent & brave! He has been saved himself to answer his calling which is to save the beloved koalas! Many thanks to the handlers, trainers, etc. for all you do. An Additional thank-you to BBC for their promoting & sharing of this great story. Best wishes, stay safe from Arizona, USA. That’s very good news was hopeful if I waited until now it would be this way. Your dad came home and went straight to bed You have a good rest.

Very high Koala-tee vintage shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

Very high Koala-tee vintage shirt
Very high Koala-tee vintage shirt
Very high Koala-tee vintage shirt
tank top
Very high Koala-tee vintage shirt
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Best Very high Koala-tee vintage shirt

I would like to see more news like this…I often wonder how the Very high Koala-tee vintage shirt recovery from the fires is going. Brilliant thank you for doing this. What a beautiful dog. You are all amazing. Well done you are amazing doing this. It brought a tear to our eyes. There are so many caring people out there and many wonderful animals, We need to have more respect for them all. There is a great deal of grief, yes – but people like these are heroes. As is Bear. We thank you with full hearts. I wish I could be there to help too. Bear is simply outstanding!!!just saw this and pictures of you with bear More humans should be like him….and his handler, not forgetting her, obvs. But he’s the rockstar. Fantastic job Bear!. I hope you got extra cuddles and treats for all your hard work.


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