Veteran wife Heroes shirt




Phillip Joseph As a Veteran wife Heroes shirt young man in the 80s listened to BBC production of Lord of the Rings, he was Frodo Baggins. He was great. He was very cool as the android in Alien of course and as the monk in The Fifth Element. I also thought he was great in a BBC production of King Lear as Lear. He was great as the Welshman in Kenneth Branagh’s film of Shakespeare’s Henry V. Great actor. The pathos he managed to evoke as Bilbo in Lord of the Rings and his guilt as he understands the consequences for Frodo of him stealing the ring

Veteran wife Heroes shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, v-neck t-shirt, and tank top

veteran wife Heroes shirt
veteran wife Heroes shirt
veteran wife Heroes shirt
tank top
veteran wife Heroes shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Angelo Clickmeister Samarawickrema Sad news…but the journey does not end there. On a lighter note. Also, I do hope he returned the ring And not kept it in his pocket. Thank you for all the wonderful memories and amazing artistry you portrait Sir Ian…Petina Sewell A wonderful actor, sadly missed. I loved him in The Borrowers. The series stuck in my mind because I loved the books as a child. Vikki Bullough, I love that he was never typecast. He could be terrifying, hilarious, warm… I loved his character in The Aviator, among many others. He was totally fabulous in everything he did

Molly Dugger Brennan, I heard someone use a Veteran wife Heroes shirt  variation on the W.C. Fields quote “Never work with animals and children” to say “Never work with animals, children, and Ian Holm.” He could steal any scene he was in because he was just that interesting. Sorry to see him go.Daniel Zeller So very sad. The world has truly lost a great actor and a great person in general. Perfect casting choice


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