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Sandra Shelley, It’s sad to see but also a Vintage Baseball Jesus Save shirt fact. But do we really need this to be plastered over social media? How distressing it could be if someone who has suffered a loss at this time, to suddenly scroll through and come across this. I know it’s our right to just scroll past, but how many of us didn’t and just had to look xxxLinsey Stewart These funeral directors and everyone else who works with them are amazing. I know they are used to dealing with death but the amount of deaths caused by COVID19 is way beyond belief and I don’t know how they manage to cope with it mentally. They are all angels in my eyes

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Romy Allen The fact the majority of Vintage Baseball Jesus Save shirt pen pushers in the NHS are on lockdown doesn’t help. The section that has to do the paperwork for the morgue, and release bodies from the hospital, need to go back to work, then this excessive build-up could be dealt with, and cremated. Helen Rendell, I think the BBC were very correct in showing this. We are all told to clap for the NHS each week but nobody mentions who carries in when the NHS can no longer care? I worked in the funeral industry for over 13yrs until I retired and I can tell you honestly that those who work in the sector are not ‘rubbing their hands in glee ‘ as some have suggested.


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