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So what they gonna do with that stuff, course, resale it, America is the Vintage Los Pollos Hermanos Shirt leading and largest country of drug addicts, plus government provides the nation with legally produced opioids.  Realistically that’s a drop in the bucket. Even Pablo Escobar used to hand the DEA large cocaine hauls just to sell larger amounts seemingly unnoticed by authorities. they learned from Pfizer company, which feeds opioids to people, for profit. same thing. but these people are definitely more responsible. Can we just let the cartels manufacture medical drugs too? Seems like those crooks can get costs down better than the crooks in Washington. Good job getting it off the streets, always knew there was a high demand for meth in the states but this is just wild Don’t do drugs kids. Great. And it might push the price up 5% for some areas for a short time. And a gram of meth has enough molecules to provide “a dose for everyone in the US and Mexico”.And not once did the government think I might want some just in case I felt like taking apart my washer and dryer 3 am in the morning, right in my living room.

Vintage Los Pollos Hermanos Shirt, hoodie, ladies-tee, Tank top, sweater, and v-neck t-shirt

Vintage Los Pollos Hermanos hoodie
Vintage Los Pollos Hermanos ladies-tee
Vintage Los Pollos Hermanos sweater
Vintage Los Pollos Hermanos v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

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Why should good citizens pay to Vintage Los Pollos Hermanos Shirt keep them in prison. All fun and jokes until you know someone who suffered from an addiction to meth. They created demand by flooding the market. They should do something about the merch makers here in California.

My Ober Republican town does nothing about the illegal pot grows to make the math our little town of 7000 people has over 300 pot farms in it, All of which are making math and have ties to the cartel. The war on drugs is a great thing you bust sellers but you leave the makers in place so that you can bust the sellers Perpetuating this ordeal and giving the cops lots of overtime pay.


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