Virtually awesome teacher shirt


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Hilmar Türkowsky Yes, the daily news gives the Virtually awesome teacher shirt number of new infections in Berlin, but statistics say that in hospitals there are about 50 people for weeks, numbers going down. Cassandra Correll Good job. Keep listening to the idiots. What freedoms is it violating? It is a protective measure and an inconvenience. Calling it a loss of freedom is ridiculous and stupid. We do all kinds of things to protect each other from harm. Mask wearing should be one of them. Its consideration for your life and others’ lives. The most idiotic thing I ever heard. Voting a blue wave. I won’t respond to comments Pete Masters Tom OBrien well said trouble is all these protesters will be the first in the queue to get treatment if they become ill, tossers

Virtually awesome teacher shirt, Hoodie, v-neck-tee-shirt, ladies-tee and tank top

Virtually awesome teacher shirt
Virtually awesome teacher shirt
Virtually awesome teacher shirt
tank top
Virtually awesome teacher shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Jasmine Nana Ama Konadu It’s a Virtually awesome teacher shirt simple way of curbing this virus, everything is temporary and it takes time to make the best out of ourselves in situations like this. selfish!!! Chrissy Finn Actually, NOT wearing a face mask if you have no medical exclusion violates the rights and freedoms of vulnerable people. With rights come responsibilities. Wear the friggin mask and get over it! It’s pure selfishness.

Duncan Houston Thank goodness people are starting to stand up for their freedom. Wearing masks for several hours a day can severely compromise and even damage your lungs. Exhalation is vitally important for your lungs.  Manuel Martin Muñoz A group of selfish people who don’t care for anything or anyone. They a threat to public health. In a situation like this, their individual rights don’t prevail over everyone’s right to be safe and healthy. They should be arrested.Jenni Thomson Why is everyone protesting about wearing a mask? It’s not like they have to wear it all day, heavens know what these people would do if they’re had to wear gas masks


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