Walt Disney world 1971 50th Anniversary shirt




To become a DEA Firearms Instructor, I had to Walt Disney world 1971 50th Anniversary shirt, among other things, fire a thirty-round bullseye course and score 285/300. In 1996, I had surgery on my right elbow which prevented me from shooting with my right hand for about six weeks post-surgery. I hadn’t been comfortable shooting right-handed for a few months before, so I’d been shooting left-handed. I shot a lot of left-handed bullseye and became as proficient with my left hand as with my right.

Well it was Senior Prom time, my daughter and Walt Disney world 1971 50th Anniversary shirt date were so cute. We took pictures and sent them off. They came home way early and I was shocked because she was so excited. Her date then proceeded to tell me how the “mean girls” in the class taunted and berated her as soon as they arrived. Her date said they were so mean, calling her ugly, her dress ugly and all kinds of snide comments including why the hell she was there.






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