We all bleed the same color shirt


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Nana Kwasi Anto-Hia In  We all bleed the same color shirt my ‘primitive’ village everyone would have helped. The more “civilized” we become, the more we lose our dignity. James Stewart How do you just stand there while someone literally dies in front of you …how’s that even possible? People in large crowds don’t call for help because everyone assumes someone else will do something about it. Cynthia Klat What the hell is wrong with people in this world??!! Seriously!!!! Raise your kids to have respect for one another and intervene when something is wrong! Michaela Goodhind Llb Hons It’s such a sad world we live in, to film it rather than help. It will be on their consciences for the rest of their lives.

We all bleed the same color shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, tank top, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt

We all bleed the same color shirt
We all bleed the same color shirt
We all bleed the same color shirt
tank top
We all bleed the same color shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Hugo Calderon Isn’t that considered manslaughter? When someone is  We all bleed the same color shirt need of help and someone else just watches and does nothing to help, and the individual dies. Manslaughter? And no one is charged? Laura Mynhier, I think part of it can be tied to how schools teach students to stay out of things or you’ll get the same punishment as the offender(s). That said, it’s very sad no one tried to help him. It is really horrific that the human race prefers technology and it’s fame over protecting life and being a human.

Rachel Royal How can any human being do that? WTF is wrong with people. I would be the first person doing anything I could to help. I just can’t comprehend. Does Terri Paxton maintain innocence? with that many copies and POV, everyone can see who did it. AND they know who didn’t. I hope a lot of parents are having a heart to heart talks with their


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