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Well, the We came before Columbus shirt Portuguese knew All along it was just too much to deal with”Well since Columbus was an Illegal immigrant, I’m supposed trump hasn’t issued an arrest warrant for his burial remains. Poor diet had brought European health status to its worse by 1492 and the discovery of America was an act of Divine Providence to rejuvenate the fading health of Europeans with exotic and healthier crops and foods from the new lands. And the rest goes further into a Divinely planned monumental history. The greatest good for all prevailed.  This idiot died thinking he reached India because he refused to listen to the scientists of his time.  The moral cowardice from the Republicans has been astonishing. The only reason the left wants him impeached is so he can’t stand it again. It won’t be long till America will need him back in the office. Evidence is clear to anyone who turned on a TV on 6th January. I’m surprised they are not going after the rest of the family.

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Personally, I think the We came before Columbus shirt two-party system in the US will fall. People should have the courage to put integrity above party, when necessary. The president’s act like so many during his presidency was reckless and bloody-minded, he has already plan to intimidate the process happening at the Capitol, then when the VP said he won’t play ball in anger incited the people even further,

some of them had strict instructions what to do inside, and that is chilling. Now it is the integrity of the Capitol that is at stake, will the Republicans sacrifice that for a man who was willing to destroy everything their party was built on?It means God is in control. It’s like Mission Impossible. There’s nothing impossible for Him. Just sit back and watch Him work.


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