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Doug Harris Why does the  Weed dad like a regular dad shirt  BBC think this is newsworthy? Probably simply because it’s related to a recently popular group communication method. But does it really serve us well? What can any of us do? Is it likely to become a trend? Does it just make us still more unhappy about our world? :(Rony Kabir These are the moments when you think even death sentence isn’t enough for these people. Only slow and painful death justifies. Donne Cyril Garnica Because Microsoft’s MS Teams video-conferencing software needs to have a better feel than Zoom. Now Zoom’s association with this horror crime can never be undone. Someone watches the Zoom value dip tomorrow, the opportunists will buy, they sell when the value rebounds.

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Nubia De Macias This is terrible news to  Weed dad like a regular dad shirt be spreading around at this time, some people are too sensitive and some are too crazy and evil, don’t give them ideas. Jessica Grace Brooks Another Amityville Horror story. How awful. What is it about that town and the residents murdering their families!!! I really hope this didn’t happen in the same house as the other infamous murders. Fabian Akaeze I know social media has made our lives easier but the different social media outlets do not do enough to prevent this kind of thing from occurring. Mahesh Walatara Its something in the water- as they say in the X-Files- the NSA puts hallucinogens in the water to test how the people react. John Cotgreave Agree on Ray, the same thing on the TV news here, rubbish news from the USA all the time. People and places we have never heard of. Total crap.


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