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It was more of an We’re all in this together shirt attitude. The eye specialist I had been seeing for my glaucoma. He had an offhand manner. At first, I figured, it is new and traumatic for me to have this eye condition, but to him, it is an old hat. Okay. One appointment things didn’t seem too good. I became emotional. No scene, no yelling, nothing except a few tears that rolled down my face. The doctor left the room huffily, dismissing me, and I heard him in the hall saying something harsh to the nurse. I couldn’t make anything out but knew he didn’t care for me.  I hadn’t ever met him, but I took a chance. The new doctor was a breath of fresh air. He was genuinely relieved when I had a good checkup.

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We're all in this together Hoodie

I looked at them. I saw them arguing back and forth. One was We’re all in this together shirt standing there with his hands in his pockets while the other was leaning on a table with a law book on it. I looked back at the judge and shrugged my shoulder not understanding what he was getting at. The judge sat back real fast and pretended to be seriously listening to what the attorneys were saying as I busted out laughing in the courtroom. The 2 attorneys looked at me with some confusion on their faces at why I was laughing. On a fine morning, one of the General Managers phoned me. He said that some of the workers had a demand to make. I asked him what was it. He told me, it was so stupid and embarrassing, I would need to come on-site. I told him either he would tell me over the phone or the union would send a letter.


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