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Modern-day billing software can significantly reduce the order journey from the Whale unicorn I’m a narwhal shirt to the kitchen. Seen the waiters moving with the mobiles/tablets nowadays. Yes, the moment orders are punched in, the back end (kitchen) is notified allowing shorter wait times for customers enhancing their overall work experience. Also, the there slower likelihood of mixing up orders as the entire workflow is now automated. Having a billing system ensures your servers concentrate on the service and the customer experience. This also allows the orders to reach the tables timely. It also accelerates the process of accepting online orders coming from various platforms and processing them to the kitchens.

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It helps to optimize inventory purchase (now you can avoid Whale unicorn I’m a narwhal shirt or under-buying based on the numbers!) stock and also helps to make sure that the right ingredients are available at the right outlets. Your billing software should have a centralized view of what is happening across all your outlets – what are the monthly ales? Are the targets being met? Which dishes are selling well and across specific outlets? All these key business gaols can be set-up in your system by you (one-time) now and the numbers get auto-updated across the custom period as defined by you. POS reduces a lot of manual processes that earlier the restaurant employees had to perform. This not only created chaos but also increased the cost of human resources that a restaurant had to bear.


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