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Lindsey Flowers I’ve you have ever dealt with the DMV you’d understand his frustration. Lord forbid he attempt to hold the DMV accountable for refusing to give him phone numbers to assist him in paying what is due. At least he pays his taxes on his property. Bernard Šimić Headache of  Wheelbarrow garden flying shirt transporting the cash and cost of getting change from a bank (assume $1-2 for every hundred dollars that he got)…overall what a colossus waste of time. Pete Leblanc Ok so this guy earns money. pays taxes on said money. Spends money is taxed again .. and is taxed every year after on what he bought and you complain about how he pays… Think you’re missing the point Susie Blake Well, they made it hard on themselves.

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Rebecca Walton Nothing new mental health hospitals have been in this state for years. With no NHS or private mental health beds in the country, I had to sleep on the staff room sofa…not the best when staff swapped shifts. It was like being on show in a zoo. Stephanie Bobefani It’s kind of a big screw you. We have to pay monthly insurance, annual tags, license renewal, and car tax, on top of what we pay at the lot. Plus, the toll booths. In the US, whichever congressman, etc, who authorized the toll gets a percentage of it for Wheelbarrow garden flying shirt the rest of his/her life. And the highways and roads are still awful. The American infrastructure is crumbling. Particularly our bridges. My town has had two bridge collapses in the last year. It’s ridiculous.


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