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Gwen Rodgers What about the With The Shield or on The Shield shirt families who have elderly parents living with them, has the whole family to self-isolate for months? We have to work to keep the Bills paid. Andrea Szigeti Muhahahaha  In weeks  By that time the problem will solve itself, eradicating them. Well planned! Savings on healthcare costs and paying a pension. Brilliant Dina Mendes Andrade Coming weeks??? Vicky Kerr, You can have some very fit 70-year-olds and some very unfit 40-year-olds. I think people who are vulnerable and have underlying health conditions need to take responsibility and isolate if need be.

You can’t put people in prison for months. Bente Plenge Jacobsen Start with shutting down uk. like where we live, Denmark… borders closed, most restaurants and bars closed, public offices working from home; for 2 weeks….it is the only way. I am very surprised the UK hasn’t done that yet.

With The Shield or on The Shield shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

With The Shield or on The Shield hoodie
With The Shield or on The Shield ladies-tee
With The Shield or on The Shield tank top
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt


It’s not only about us. First of all it is about all elderly people and our loved ones! #stayHomeLynn Morris Lots of With The Shield or on The Shield shirt  70+ folks doing the childminding and the school runs for working parents. We have just returned from Brussels and the city is in lockdown. I haven’t seen one report on this country… Spain, France yes, and now Austria.  They are leaving it far too late! And what about us Cancer patients? Hold on…I live with both my parents who are over 70.Brain defects after all these years. Being knocked about like that will take its toll. Clearly it has.  Lack of confidence. What? They weren’t happen with the millions they were getting? Pathetic. Their punishment should be decades and decades of helping the poor.


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