Woodrow wasted Independence Day shirt



Ben Leuenberger Showing our military force doesn’t make is Woodrow wasted Independence Day shirt strong and it’s clearly an election stunt. It makes it very partisan because let’s be honest…Trump won’t have a nice speech, it will be filled with lies and hate and saying how great he is. Geoff Dadswell I heard that President Trump requested the tanks that were used at the Boston Tea Party. Lynda Schoenecker, I have a mental picture of Trump, the Mussolini look-alike, presiding over a military parade with the Chiefs of Staff surrounding him. That is not what the Fourth of July is about. This day has been “Special” for all these years without focusing on military might.

The irony of a draft dodger demanding the military parade past him will go right over his head. Nothing to do with saluting anyone or anything. This is nothing more than an ego wash for the man child. The world will watch and laugh as the US takes another step down into the gutter. The best response would be to boycott. You’ll be doing the military a favor because otherwise, they’ll have to do it again next year. And he’ll want an even bigger parade next year.

Woodrow wasted Independence Day shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

woodrow wasted Independence Day shirt
woodrow wasted Independence Day shirt
woodrow wasted Independence Day shirt
tank top
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Henry Ralph Rowe What a damaged little twit of a child he is. Ready to waste anybody’s time & money to Woodrow wasted Independence Day shirt tickle his own emperor’s ego. It’s beyond embarrassing. “I want that thing that Putin & Kim Jong-un do!”Laura Barnes This whole thing just seems like the perfect opportunity for our enemies to take out military and government leadership and throw our country into chaos. Look at who is on the dais. And then look at the firepower. This has never happened in US history. We’re already compromised by Russia and China – they make a lot of our military hardware and software.


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