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After we moved he found us by WooTang Rick Flair Wutang Parody shirt and began visiting every so often. My husband considered him to be a roguish, lying, cheating, the thief always looking for a hustle. We tolerated him though. He just so happened to be here as my next to oldest son was getting off of the bus. My son called me inside and told me something shocking. This man was dealing with opiate prescription drugs to young girls at his high school in exchange for sexual favors. He was 42 years old! Taking the worst most criminal advantage. It turns out he was stealing these drugs from his grandfather. Thankfully the drugs are no longer accessible to him because his grandfather passed away. When we knew it was going to happen, I closed my eyes, grabbed the oh snap handle with my right hand, planted my left hand on the roof and planted my feet.

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I then felt someone sit down on WooTang Rick Flair Wutang Parody shirt and wrap their arms and legs around me. I thought it was my husband. After we struck and everything went still, I looked over and saw my husband was still strapped into his seat. He then got out of the car and quickly made his way around the car to me. I had taken off my belt and turned towards him to get out. Just as we reached for each other, a deep commanding male voice, inside my car, said don’t move her! We struck a woman and her daughter and nobody had stopped yet. The voice clearly came from our car and was clearly male. Long story short, I died as they were removing me from the car. They all agreed, there was no way I could ever survive my injuries, yet here I am and I’m pretty sure it was because of whoever was in the car with us that day.


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