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Why so negative. It’s great. Y’all motherfuckers need motorcycles shirt Saves a company from going under, & is helping those with an illness who have no car. It’s a fantastic system. What a fantastic idea. The patient gets to the hospital safely and the business keeps going.  Not a fan of the pm at all. But can’t see a thing wrong with it. Papers just looking to stir it up. London is his area, he didn’t drive there. Health is important. This is getting silly now. We are turning into a nation of vigilantes. His “local area” is Hyde Park, which was packed on Sunday. Probably the trip to the Olympic Park was a lot covid-safer. I’d like to know if the journalists are exempt from following the rules – we have been told we are only allowed outside for essential journeys and to exercise once a day.

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So, surely all news reports should be given from their own office, not leaning against a wall somewhere near the Y’all motherfuckers need motorcycles shirt Houses of Parliament!! Seriously!!! He probably cycled there from his home, he hasn’t stopped for a picnic, climbed a mountain in a group, or probably even got off his bike. Stop picking faults, he’s got the weight of this country on his shoulders he needs fresh air like the rest of us to unwind.

The BBC needs to stop reporting stories with ambiguous headlines to set people off trolling. This time next month is a year since Caroline flack took her life and they’ll be saying “be kind” and slating the press. When they do nothing but troll others. What a fickle world we live inIt does seem unfair that he can cycle 7 miles from home, where another person drives 5 miles to a walking area and is fined. There should be greater clarification as to what exactly is your local area.


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