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Maybe now the Yellowstone mountain shirt time to Stop all visitors and leave the animals alone! As it should be. Wild animals are not there for people’s entertainment. It’s their habitat. now kindly.Glad she’s okay. And that it was Wyoming instead of my beloved home state of Florida, for once. D’OH!!! I just saw that the family is from Florida. Never mind. I guess many will make excuses and talk about humans, and so nothing changes, and beautiful children continue to get maimed, terrified, and killed by animals, which many put above humans. The wrong headline, it should be ‘Humans stress out wild animal for twenty minutes until it panics and attempts an escape’.Thank goodness she’s ok. What is wrong with people that they would purposefully break the obviously necessary SAFETY law, endangering their own children. One would have thought that getting out of Florida might have helped with the power to reason, but apparently not. Wake up, people! These are WILD animals and they were here first! Visitors need to stay safely away! Glad the child is ok but hope people take better precautions next time. Typical isn’t it…no control by parents….this child is lucky that she wasn’t gored. They go to visit dont follow the rules and then everybody freak when the animal has had enough…being surrounded by animated people must have been quite intimidating for the poor thing.

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We had a bison wallow next to Yellowstone mountain shirt our trailer the summer we worked and lived in Yellowstone. He was big and we stayed inside our rig when he decided to visit his wallow. Coincidentally, our friends were just showing us their Yellowstone photos last night and said other park visitors were acting like idiots, ignoring all signs about avoiding the wildlife, and encouraging their children to get closer to the bison so they could get photos of them together.

I was in Yellowstone in the mid-80s. There were TONS of signs about not feeding the animals and about how dangerous wild animals, ESPECIALLY buffalo are. I was sitting at a picnic table, eating a peanut butter sandwich, when I felt hot breath on my neck, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the eyeball of a buffalo.


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