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My mother in Yes I’m a witch get over it shirt law was a very strong personality. My father in law was a lovely gentleman, highly intelligent; a great storyteller. Spending time with this couple while I was dating their son, I often cringed at her overbearing ways with her husband. Although she fawned over me during our courtship, once her son and I were married, I was put into the same category as her husband, a doormat, a recipient of her disrespect and derision. As expected this wore on the relationship I had with my husband. Notice that I am divorced now. She had everything to do with it. My husband could not make a decision on our family’s behalf without her having a say, and more often than not, redirecting him from the plans we had made for our household.

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Yes I'm a witch get over it Hoodie

It infuriated me, as more Yes I’m a witch get over it shirt often than not, he would neglect to inform me of the changes only telling me what his mom had said that caused his change of heart. I am talking about the gamut, from what to serve at my birthday dinner, to which beach to vacation at! Awful. Even now I shudder to remember it. I spoke with her directly re; the inappropriateness of her meddling. I spoke with him, in frustration for following her instructions to the tee, whilst she wouldn’t be with us or have any direct consequence from whatever plans we had made or were hoping to accomplish. It escalated as you could expect, and I would refuse to go along with the alternate plans. She enjoyed having the upper hand and watching me get red in the face…knowing her son was sheepishly making light of my feelings. Hitting my head against the wall figuratively I repeated this pattern for a year or two.


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