You and me we got this LGBT flag shirt




I don’t know what is You and me we got this LGBT flag shirt happening in the world. Police brutality everywhere but Africa is more worst. Did the EU respond so vocally when the Spanish police were dragging old women by their hair out of polling stations, only a couple of years back…? The world’s countries are slowly and surely becoming dictator nations. Even the so-called democratic free choice does not exist anymore. Let us give it to China for how they handle the Hong Kong protests. The protest went on 3 months before any casualty. It is not about parading as a democratic nation. True democracy cannot be found in the west. What about the Catalans and the Yellow Vests. Didn’t hear the EU condemnation of the police attacks when that happened. Why are the world leaders are using police forces to control masses?

You and me we got this LGBT flag shirt Hoodie, v-neck-tee-shirt, ladies-tee and tank-top

You and me we got this LGBT flag Tank-top
You and me we got this LGBT flag Ladies-tee
You and me we got this LGBT flag Hoodie
You and me we got this LGBT flag V-neck t-shirt
V-neck t-shirt
It seems there is You and me we got this LGBT flag shirt no work left with the police In the whole world, this is also the work of the police that they hit people. The EU will sit in their circles & debate on what to do for a few years like they always do. The Belarusian Interior Ministry confirmed that combat cartridges had been used against the protesters. Reminds me of that time the Spanish police came down hard on the basque region separatist with EU backing. Sometimes even protesters don’t follow rules and regulations leaving police with no choice. If protesters don’t want to be brutalized, then they should protest in a good manner. The dictator didn’t do free and fair elections? I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you. Seriously either accept him as the ruler and accept there’s no democracy or don’t accept it. But stop pretending it’s ok to accept him as a leader who was voted for when we all know the truth. 



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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.